Your beautiful, new Ottawa Garage Makeovers garage floor…
Won't stain, chip, bubble or peel…
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Or we'll fix your garage floor… FREE!

Unlike the do-it-yourself garage floor refinishing kits or coating products from your local hardware or big box stores, Ottawa Garage Makeovers garage flooring finishes aren’t just a paint, stain, or consumer-quality epoxy that will flake off, become chalky, or fade…

Instead, we use the highest quality commercial-grade, UV-resistant, catalytic floor coating with the technical name…

Polyaspartic Polyurea…

When applied to a professionally prepared concrete floor surfacepolyaspartic polyurea's chemical properties cause it to harden – not just on top of the concrete – but into the concrete, as well – resulting in a bond to the concrete many, many times stronger and more solid than any other concrete coating product available today.Four different Ottawa Garage Makeovers floor coating colors & visual textures - call TODAY to find out more - 613.224.9898

This not only gives your garage floor a stunning, low-maintenance, super-tough and resiliant surface, it also gives you a very attractive, permanently bonded, showroom-like finish in the colors and colored textures of your choice.

Download a copy of our informative garage floor brochure
(it's a fairly large file, so may take 15-30 seonds to download) 

Not all concrete coating/resurfacing products are the same…

Since many, if not most contractors who offer garage floor resurfacing/recoating services (or any other concrete surfaces) still use dated, epoxy-based coatings instead of the latest (and more appropriate) Polyaspartic Polyurea concrete floor recoating products, we thought you might appreciate this brief perspective on ‘epoxy.’

The term ‘epoxy’ is now widely used to describe a rather broad range of available coating products and applications. Indeed, there are extreme variations in the relative quality of the epoxy used in those products, how much of they actually contain, as well as other considerations not evident when they're all called 'epoxy.'

When we use the term ‘epoxy’ in our floor coating options comparison chart below, we’re referring to top-grade, professionally-applied, commercial-quality epoxy.

What our customers are saying about Ottawa Garage Makeovers…


“Thanks to you and your team. We're extremely pleased with our new garage floor. You did a terrific job and put a lot of hard work and time into the task.

The colours selected coordinate nicely with our home.


J & M

We’re not referring to those products you’ll typically find in the various do-it-yourself epoxy floor recoating kits at the ‘big box’ home improvement store.

That’s because most of those products will fall well short of the minimum performance results we’ve actually attributed to epoxy in this floor coating option comparison chart… 

Downloadable graphic of a chart comparing the relative merits of polyurethane, epoxy, and polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coatings & finishes - from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898 

For a larger, downloadable, printable version – click here


Here are a few garage flooring refinishing facts that may surprise you… 

By its very nature, a concrete garage floor is quite porous, making it prone to absorbing liquids and staining. In other words – water (rusty, salty, dirty, and otherwise), automotive lubricants, coolants and fluids – can easily penetrate the surface, resulting unsightly, almost impossible-to-remove marks, stains and blemishes.

During Canadian winters, when you drive your car onto your garage floor brings salty/chemical-laden snow and ice along for the ride. And when it melts and falls to the floor, it’s also absorbed into the concrete

Not only does this leave unsightly stains, it also gradually weakens your garage floor surface, resulting in tiny pits, cracks and fissures that eventually become evident pock-marks and cracks… and they'll continue to grow and spall off concrete dust and cement bits until taken care of professionally, or your floor ultimately fails.

Your Ottawa Garage Makeovers
Garage floor coating is guaranteeed…

There's no effective floor preparation process included with any of the do-it-yourself kits… and if your concrete garage floor isn't prepared properly, it doesn't matter what kind of coating or finish you apply… it will quickly fail.

That's why you'll want to call the professional garage floor contractors at Ottawa Garage Makeovers – to get your garage floor refinishing done right and done quickly – and knowing you'll be covered by our unbeatable,'best-in-the-industry,' 5 point, 7 full years Ottawa Garage Makeovers flooring finish guarantee.

When you look at your garage floor what do you see? Is yours one of those drab, dull, tired, stained, aging, cracked & pitted concrete floors… with lots of unsightly imperfections, dust and erosion?

A before and after picture of an ugly, cracked and stained garage floor, and two different, breath-taking, newly repaired and recoated garage floors - from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898
Aren’t you tired of that mottled,
UGLY (maybe even dangerous) garage floor?
Wouldn’t it be great to park your car on a beautiful garage floor… a virtually impervious floor that eliminates the stains, cracks and pock-marks you've got now. A garage flooring coating that would give you unmatched stain, chemical and UV (ultra-violet – sunlight) resistance!

You CAN have a new garage floor that looks like a million bucks, and more…
In just a matter of a day or two!

It doesn’t matter how old it is – a cracked cement garage floor isn't only unsightly – it's dangerous!

But don’t worry… our amazing garage flooring compounds penetrate and bond to the inside of the cracks – and once they're covered with our striking granite-look garage floor coatings – they’re gone for good.

What our clients are saying about Ottawa Garage Makeovers…

Ottawa Garage Makeovers did a great job creating a new garage floor for our residence. The team was professional, courteous, and very efficient. Timelines were respected, and the work was of high quality, meeting our expectations.

I would and will recommend this company.”

A. V. – Ottawa

Then comes the magic…

We'll fix all those things that make a garage floor ugly, using our proprietary and permanent garage floor refinishing process, including…
  •  Our dustless floor grinding system to remove any old, uneven concrete, paint,
       stains &
coatings, even out the rough spots, and then prepare the floor
       surface for the new coating finish. 
(here's why a new garage floor isn't a DIY project)

  •  Our amazingly fast-curing, UV-resistant coatings and compounds to seal the cracks
       and fill the holes, then coat your garage floor for a breath-taking, new garage
       floor finish.

You’ll not only get a striking, professional, crack-free, designer garage floor, we’ll transform your floor into one worthy of a showroom… and it's covered by our industry-leading, 7-year guarantee.

Download a copy of our informative garage floor brochure
(it's a fairly large file, so may take 15-30 seonds to download)

So… just what does your Ottawa Garage Makeovers,
Industry-leading, 5 point, 7-year floor guarantee actually cover?

  1. Your new garage floor won’t stain, chip, peel, bubble, fade, or wear off… for a full 7 years 

  2. Your new garage floor will resist the harshest chemical, including oil, brake fluid, gasoline… even battery acid

  3. Because it's also UV-resistant, your new polyaspartic polyurea garage floor won't fade or discolor… so the areas outside your garage door, or under the windows in your garage won't yellow.

  4. Your garage floor will still look as good in 7 years, as it did the day we installed it for you.

  5. Your garage is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood! 


More than just your garage floor…

And cleaning your new garage floor will be so easy, you’ll probably want us to do the same for your basement, laundry room, bathroom floors, counter-tops, your patio, sidewalks, etc. – anywhere you'd like a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain floor or surface…

Great before & after photos of a typical, grungy, cracked & stained garage floor, and after Tthe Ottawa Garage Makeovers team repaired and finished it - from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224-9898 

Find out how we can transform your garage floor…
 your Ottawa garage floor contractor – Ottawa Garage Makeovers – 
613.224.9898TODAY  for your no-obligation site visit and estimate…

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