Lost your car in the cutter of your garage?
Ottawa Garage Makeovers has
Just the right garage organizing & makeover solution for you!

Maybe you can’t even get your car in the garage at all?!A graphic photo-illustration of an incredibly messy & cluttered garage, seen through a magnifying glass, with copy that asks if the mess look familiar, then teases with the second line which reads 'Now your garage can look like this..." - call Ottawa Garage Makeovers TODAY - 613.224.9898
Ottawa Garage Makeovers can help you sort it and store it…

Like millions of North American homeowners, your garage has probably become your family’s dumping ground… and the boxes, bikes, balls, brooms, boxes, piles of ‘stuff’ and ‘some day’ stacks can take over your garage… Maybe they already have?

Your garage may be such a disaster you can never find what you need…
and you don’t need what you can find.

What’s a homeowner to do?

Ottawa Garage Makeovers can reorganize your garage!  

We can work with you to sort through all the 'stuff' you've accumulated in your garage, help you decide what to keep and what to make go away.

Then we can go through the stuff you want to keep, find storage solutions and places to use them to eliminate the clutter that was your garage.

The stuff you want to make 'go away?'

We'll take care of that, too.

And if you want lift a finger… well, you won’t have to do anything (except give us directions as to what you want to keep or get rid of).

Or, for a nominal fee, our clean up/clear away service team can de-clutter your garage for you, A photo looking into a recent garage makeover featuring a striking, new polyaspartic polyurea floor coating along with custom garage storage cabinets with a red arrow pointing to it from the previous photo graphic which read "Now your garage can look like this..." from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613-224.9898making sure everything is either…
    Disposed of properly – set aside for you to sell, delivered to your
       chosen charity, taken to the dump, or…

    Repacked for more effective storage – and put away in an organized and orderly fashion.

We can do it all for you… within a matter of just a few days…


Any of these sound like your garage?
    25% of homeowners with a 2-car garage can’t  park any cars in them!
    32% of homeowners with a 2-car garage only have room for one car!
    50% of homeowners surveyed rated their garage as the most disorganized place in their home…
       and a place the entire family uses regularly!

    On average homeowners only use 25% of the available garage
area… the remaining 75% is 'air space' (between the
       floor and ceiling) that could be used… but typically goes to waste!

     72% of homeowners readily admit their garage has become a
dumping ground
    58% of homeowners admit they rarely use their garage because
       there's no room to move in or through it!Picture of a large 2.5 car garage with a beautiful, sparkling, yet incredibly durable new, light tan Polyaspartic Polyurea floor & color-cordinated storage cabinets, shelves and work surfaces - from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898

    Garage makeovers & organizing is the fastest  growing segment
of the $10 billion North American home organization sector.

One of the latest trends in effective home space usage is creating ‘flex spaces.’ In other words, building oversized garages that can serve many different purposes (in addition to parking your cars in them)… like – a workshop, play rooms, family room, entertaining area, ultra-storage area, 'man cave,' and more.

The Top 10 things people store in their garage (in no particular order)  
    Tools, (hand & power)
    Bicycles, tricycles, motor cycles, etc.
     Lawn mowers, garden tractors, other lawn equipment
     Lawn & garden supplies
    Athletic/sports equipment (skis, kayacs, canoes, 4-wheelers, RTV's, etc.)
     Car supplies
    Garden tools
    Cleaning equipment & supplies
  •  And much, much more.

But not cars!
Cars didn't even make the Top 10 list!

We have storage solutions for all of them (including getting your car(s) back into your garage… just ask us.

Call TODAY – 613.224.9898 – for your FREE, no-obligation garage review (and other spaces, too)…

Or e-mail us

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