For discriminating Ottawa area homeowners
Who want the very best garage storage options…

When you've got more stuff you want to keep in your garage
Than you've got space for in your garage…

Ottawa Garage Makovers Garage Storage Cabinet Systems… exceeding your demanding standards,
And then some…

Because they’re made to fit your space…

You want to make a statement with your garage – to create a true 'WOW!' factor – and the off-the-shelf cabinets from the 'big box stores' just won't do!

Unlike the big box 'stuff,' the components in Ottawa Garage Makeovers Storage Systems are skillfully conceived, fully integrate-able modular garage cabinets, work surfaces, accessories & components.

Because our garage cabinet systems are adjustable and scalable, they let you bring your individual style and use preferences into the design, ensuring you achieve the look and function you want for your garage makeover.

And, because you can add to or modify them, they’re sure to continue exceeding your needs (and expectations) as those needs change.

While a garage makeover is a great way to organize your things and reduce garage clutter – getting everything to fit into your garage may require a little more thought and planning.

Find out how Ottawa Garage Makeovers Garage Storage Cabinet Systems can help clear the clutter from your garage floor, and free-up garage space…

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Other, complimentary storage options to consider for your Ottawa garage…

Whether you’ve chosen to only repair/refinish your garage floor, reorganize your garage – or go for a full garagePhoto of a small sheet of old-fashioned peg board - once the primary way to hang tools, etc. in a garage or workshop - from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898 makeover – you’ll really want to consider other, simple organizing systems to help prevent the risk of returning to the old cluttered garage days…

Remember when you were a kid…

You watched your Dad (or maybe Grampa) hang his hand tools on nails, or maybe on a pegboard mounted on the garage wall? He may have even painted outlines of each tool for easy reference so he’d know exactly where each one belonged when he was putting them away.

Back then, there weren't really any other options.

But, it's different these days – now you've got lots of garage storage solution options…

Phot of three sheets of StoreWALL slatwall-style panels in three different colors - used with unique accessories for hanging just about anything - available from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898Thanks to the latest trends, you have more variety, and more flexible and attractive alternatives.

First conceived for use in retail stores, today's versatile slatwall is the perfect organizing & storage system for your garage & workshop walls – even in small spaces.

Slatwall panels mount directly to your garage walls, and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

You won't believe how much you can store on a slatwall panel…

Indeed, just installing this attractive material on your walls will make you feel like you've had a garage makeover…

But it gets even better when you add some accessories.

Design & installation is a breeze for your Ottawa Garage Makeovers slatwall experts…

To get started, just give us a call – 613.224.9898 TODAY for your FREE, no-obligation onsite visit & quote…

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Slatwall accessories for your organized garage will get you hooked…

Photo of an example of a slatwall garage storage solutions for gardening tools & supplies - available from Ottawa  Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898Slatwall storage options are many and varied. It seems – whatever Photo of an example of a slatwall garage storage solutions for painting tools & supplies - available from Ottawa  Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898you might want to hang on it – there's an accessory for it. The grooves between the slats allow for fast, easy mounting and moving of the various accessories specifically designed for slatwall use.

So it usually takes no time at all to add baskets, hooks (for almost anything), shelving, tool or garden racks, etc.

As long as you have the right accessories (hooks fittings, etc.), you can store just about anything on your slatwall. It really is the ideal storage solution.

See our collection of hook & basket-style accessories

See our collection of shelf & bracket accessories

If you’re considering adding slatwall to your garage, why not discuss it with your friendly, helpful experts at Ottawa Garage Makeovers. Based on our extensive experience in garage renovation and makeovers, we can answer your questions, recommend solutions, and make the changes you need…

Photo of an example of a slatwall garage storage solutions for bicycles and cycling equipment - available from Ottawa  Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898

Give us a call TODAY613.224.9898 – for your FREE, no-obligation onsite consultation and quote…

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Storing your stuff in the air… with overhead garage storage racks?

Using overhead garage storage racks is one of the quickest & easiest Photo of a heavy-duty overhead garage storage rack system, suspended from the ceiling joists of the garage - available from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898ways to increase storage space for your garage and your home.
  •  They’re typically high capacity (weight & volume) storage platforms we suspend from the joists in your garage
        ceiling (or in some cases anchoring them to your wall studs).

  •   They can be installed above your garage door(s), suspended over open areas or above your vehicles, and
        possibly along the side and back walls of your garage.

  •   They're great to store larger items, or things you don't need frequent access to (think Christmas decorations,
        winter clothing, lumber, etc.).

Discover how overhead garage storage racks can help clear the clutter from your garage floor and give you lots of space in your garage…

Give us a call TODAY613.224.9898 – for your FREE, no-obligation onsite consultation and quote…

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Got more cars (or motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, or ride-on tractors, etc.) than you've got room for in your garage?

Check out how you can get more of 'em indoors than you thought possible
with car, small truck & motorcycle lifts

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