Looking for a way to make your outdoor surface areas a little more safe
Yet striking, too?

Ottawa Garage Makeovers also offers you proven, effective Rubaroc® rubber safety coatings
For virtually all surfaces where the risk of falls is high…Photo of a swimming pool featuring an attractive, terra cotta color Rubaroc rubber safety pool surround surface with a blue and white dolphin imbedded in it - available from Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898

Because of it’s relatively soft, yet durable, slip-resistant rubber composition, surfaces coated with Rubaroc® rubber safety surface coatings are waaayyy more resilient and forgiving than concrete or other finishes… in other words, they provide a certain ‘give,’ which helps reduce the risk and relative severity of injury from an inadvertent fall.

Rubaroc® rubber safety surface coatings are a combination of 2-part catalytic polymer resins, and colored rubber granules. We mix these components on your project site, pour the final mixture in place, then hand-trowel it to specification – creating one of the most resilient, slip-resistant, virtually indestructible surfaces available anywhere today.

Available in many different colors & combinations, Rubaroc® safety coatings are the perfect solution for wet pool & spa decks and surrounds, slippery surfaces, walks, steps, porches, play areas, sports courts, driveways, and garage floors… to name just a few.

Cracked, lifting, or shifting concrete is a thing of the past…

Not only does a Rubaroc®-coated surface create an instant ‘WOW!’ factor… professionally installed over your new or existing floor or surface, Rubaroc® rubber safety surfaces expand and contract, accommodating temperature changes, floor & substrate issues and ground movement.

Ripping out concrete or asphalt and re-laying a surface is an expensive, disruptive solution… and you'll still be left with that ugly, gray, concrete surface.

Installing a Rubaroc® rubber safety coating is relatively quick, clean, with little disruption… and gives you a beautiful, colorful, virtually maintenance-free result.

Whether your project involves concrete, asphalt, interlock, crushed stone, wood step & decks, or any other solid substrate, we complete most of our Rubaroc® safety surfacing projects in one to two days. And, when our team is finished with your project, the cracked, broken, heaving, rough or uneven floors & surfaces, and expansion joints you've been tolerating – will be a thing of the past under the iron-grip of our safety surface coating

Discover how versatile, professionally installed Rubaroc® safety surfaces can make your home and landscape the envy of your neighborhood…

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A photo of a sample collection of Rubaroc rubber safety surfacing color option disks - see the full range of color options at Ottawa Garage Makeovers - 613.224.9898


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