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Specializing in garage floors, storage & organization, and complete makeovers.


Thanks to recent advances in coating and the way we apply them, we can transform almost all garage floors into a breath-taking showplace regardless of the outdoor temperature. When compared with epoxies, urethanes, or any other options, our garage floor coatings are many times more durable and are UV-resistant too!

Storage & Organization

Our garage system and re-organization helps you sort through your stuff, letting you make the necessary keep it, gift it, or garbage it decisions for each item to effectively de-clutter your garage, reduce volume, then find a place for everything.

Build A Garage

If your garage isn't cutting it, maybe a custom-built garage design can do the trick! A garage design can be so much more than a place to keep your vehicles. In fact, a garage design can increase your property value in Ottawa's residential real estate market, and the myriad of possible things you can do with one is only limited by your imagination.

Garage Makeovers

You have garage ideas and a vision of what you want: a clean, organized, functional, user-friendly garage. A consultation and review of your needs and expectations is a key part of a complete garage makeover. Our definition of a makeover involves more than just garage floors, storage, or cabinets. It is a complete remaking of the garage.

Ottawa Garage Makeovers Moves Into The Home!

You've trusted us with your garages, now trust us inside your home.

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