Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage floor epoxy is a great method of coating garage floors to ensure that they are heat and damage resistant. It’s also a very helpful tool for garage floor repair if the surface has been damaged or to avoid future damage. But what exactly is garage floor epoxy? When is it most effective to use garage floor epoxy, and where should garage floor epoxy be used? 

What is garage floor epoxy?

Despite popular opinion, garage floor epoxy isn’t paint. Epoxy is actually an adhesive, and it hardens through chemical reaction, rather than dry like paint. That’s why people use it not only as garage floor crack repair or coating, but also when glue, or even super glue for that matter, won’t do the trick. It becomes a hardened durable material that acts like super glue on steroids, and it’s resistant to heat, chemicals, solvents, and impact.

Garage Floor Epoxy

What are the different kinds of garage floor epoxy?

Water based epoxy- is the easiest to apply and has a long pot life. Water based garage floor epoxy is usually used indoors, as it does not contain as many harsh chemicals and fumes. Water based epoxy is more popular than high solids epoxy; in fact, the majority of epoxy primers are water-based. That’s why so many people use it for their garage flooring and repair needs. 

High solids epoxy- does not have water or solvents that evaporate while curing, so it stays thick and durable once it has cured. High solids epoxy has a short pot life and has a short cure time (20-40 minutes), which is why it’s important to apply it quickly and masterfully. High solids epoxy also contains a high amount of volatile organic compounds, which emit harmful fumes during the application process. This is one of the reasons why people don’t use high solids epoxy inside, and if it is being applied on a garage floor, it’s important to use the proper equipment and have the right expertise to avoid harm and any room for error.

When and where should you be using epoxy?  

Epoxy coatings work well in both residential and commercial spaces that don’t require high maintenance and that are usually more susceptible to wear and tear. Epoxy can be used as an adhesive for a variety of materials (metal, wood, cement, and plastic), and it can also be used as a coating for heavy duty floors, such as garage floors. Because of this, garage floor epoxy is an excellent choice for garage floor coating, to ensure that your garage floor stays durable and looking great for years to come.

Is it worth hiring an expert for you garage floor epoxy needs? 

Short answer: YES. Repairing or enhancing your own garage flooring can be challenging, especially if you don’t have tons of experience working with garage floor epoxy. It’s important to know the best practices and techniques for effective garage flooring, and sometimes it’s best to turn to the pros to ensure that your garage floor epoxy project ends up looking exactly how you imagined it to. Whether it’s identifying which products would work best on your garage floor specifically, or identifying the proper equipment for the job, working with an expert can shed unnecessary time and stress that you may accumulate if you try to take on a garage floor epoxy project on your own.

Final thoughts on garage floor epoxy

While you can easily apply your own garage floor epoxy, it’s worth considering hiring someone to help you out, as there are tons of different types of garage floor coating and they are applied in many different ways. It can be quite efficient to have an epoxy pro help you out with your garage floor epoxy needs, to ensure that your garage floor is durable and looking great for a long time to come. 

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