Your new and beautiful Ottawa Garage Makeovers garage flooring Won't stain, chip, bubble, or peel.

If it does, we’ll fix your garage floor for free!

Revolutionary 1-Day Installation

Ottawa Garage Makeovers Flooring Systems

Thanks to recent advances in coating and the way we apply them, we can transform almost any garage flooring into a breath-taking showplace regardless of the outdoor temperature. When compared with epoxies, urethanes, or any other options, our coatings are many times more durable and are UV-resistant too!

  • Garage flooring
  • Warehouses
  • Pharmaceutical floors
  • Restrooms
  • Animal kennels
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive sales and service areas
  • Medical treatment facilities
  • Retail areas
  • Laboratories
  • Patios and concrete bars
  • Basements

Ottawa Garage Makeovers Flooring Systems include the following colors and finishes…

Signature Blends (¼’’ chip)...

Garage Flooring Systems Application Process


Step 1

Your complete garage flooring & concrete wall will be ground to remove all the damaged concrete and polluted sections. This will be done using diamond grinders attached to large vacuums to minimize the dust from the grinding.

Step 2

Cracks and blemishes naturally appear over time. Our skilled and trained technicians will open all cracks with small hand held diamond cutters to allow the cracks and spalled areas to be filled with polymer that will set up in 15 minutes. Once the polymer is set one final grind is done and the surface is now ready for the next step.

Step 3

After a complete floor preparation we are now ready for our trained applicators to apply our two-part Polyaspartic coating. The base coat is tinted to complement the garage finish and the home color. It is available in a wide-range of colours.

Step 4

As step three is being applied by one of our team members we enter the garage using special spike shoes and will apply the polymer chip coat. This coat is both decorative and functional. We apply an excess amount of chips to allow for the proper bond to that base coat. The combination of the base coat and chip coat will dry in 1-2 hours and will allow us to move on to the next step.

Step 5

Moving on to the final steps in turning your garage flooring into a spectacular bright and clean usable space, we blow all excess chips into the corner and harvest the chips that did not bond to the base tinted coat. Once this is done we then back scrape the floor to make sure that we have a smooth surface to apply the final step.

Step 6

The final step is to apply the clear coats of Polyaspartic, a resin and Isophthalic combination. Once the first clear coat is dry we apply a second clear coat. The final two coats are what leaves your garage floor with a diamond shine that is durable and will last for years. We stand behind what we say with a written warranty.

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A Polyaspartic Polyurea Garage Floor with a 5 Year Warranty means...

The polyaspartic floor coating is a high gloss floor coating that is chemical resistant, impact resistant, and abrasion resistant, and has a UV stable topcoat.

What our clients have to say...

  • W & S, Ottawa
    "Thanks again Andy for an excellent product (your crew was professional and efficient) and for accommodating our timing needs. "
    W & S, Ottawa
  • M & D Ottawa (On behalf of client)
    "We love the way our garage floor looks and I hate to have to put everything back into the garage, as the floor looks too nice! Andy's crew were very respectful of our property and provided answers to our questions and we appreciate the hard work in getting us the results we were looking for."
    M & D Ottawa (On behalf of client)
  • M.C. Ottawa
    "The floor looks awesome!  I still haven't walked on it yet, but it looks amazing. The crew was great - prompt, polite, professional.  Neat and tidy too.  The job was done well, in the two days, as advertised, great service all around.  Seriously, very impressed."
    M.C. Ottawa
  • S.B. Ottawa (On behalf of client)
    "The crew was absolutely meticulous and prepped and left the site immaculate. I am quite particular and these things don't go unnoticed.  As a small business owner, we tend to hear the negative rather than the positive, and I wanted to pass along my positive experience thus far. Looking great so far and really excited for the finishing touches."
    S.B. Ottawa (On behalf of client)
  • R.D. Ottawa
    "Andy, thanks so much for a great job on my garage floor. Your crew is excellent, skilled, hardworking and pleasant to be around. They are a credit to your company."
    R.D. Ottawa
  • Jason
    It only took one person to complete my garage floor. The gentleman was polite, and didn't leave until the job was complete and was always open to answering my questions. The garage floor looks fabulous, and now feels like a room in the house that just happens to have big open doors. I built a guitar workbench this weekend and I was laying all over the floor while doing various tasks and it just felt... comfortable.. that seems to be the right word, the garage is now comfortable. All the neighbours love it and think it's great. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to anyone else who wants their garage floor done.
  • V. L. Ottawa
    “Hi Andy, The garage looks amazing. Very happy with the new look and the ability to keep things organized. Appreciate the change!” Thanks,
    V. L. Ottawa
  • Eric Ashton (on behalf of the client)
    “Andy, Sharon and I were talking about the garage floor yesterday and I'm pleased to let you know she and her husband are extremely happy with the finished product. It makes their garage look so much more cleaner and brighter. Sharon also passed on an invitation for you to bring prospective clients out to their home in Ashton to show them your product and workmanship in a large garage, if the occasion arises. Just make the inquiry through me and I'll make the necessary arrangements. As for your question, “How did we do?” I can only comment that your staff were extremely efficient, hard working, and a pleasure to work with. Without that sort of involvement, the job wouldn't have had the excellent outcome it did. They certainly took a tired garage floor and rejuvenated it to what became a fantastic end result. I know Sharon and her husband share my sentiments, and appreciate how you showed us what was possible with Ottawa Garage Makeovers, and did so in a professional, attentive, and engaging manner. Thanks again for a job well done!” Regards,
    Eric Ashton (on behalf of the client)
  • M & J Ottawa
    "Thanks again Andy, I wanted to comment with respect to how you & your guys did. I'd say everyone was very helpful, polite and professional. The guys worked really hard and were very detail-oriented on our job. They did a very fastidious job fixing up the cracks in our garage floor and carefully prepping the surface. I have to say we're really happy with the result. It really is stunning. We'd definitely use you and the Ottawa Garage Makeovers team again, and have already recommended you to neighbors across the street who want to redo their garage in the future (their's will likely be a much bigger project!). Thanks again Andy!”
    M & J Ottawa
  • C. W. Ottawa
    "Andy, I wanted you to know it was a pleasure doing business with you and Ottawa Garage Makeovers. I found you professional, courteous and prompt from the time we first discussed our options, to your handling of existing floor issues that arose during the installation. Your crew was also a pleasure to deal with. When we had questions, they were polite and happy to explain the work they were doing. On a final note,  after having dealt with many contractors over the years, I found you and your team to be among the most respectful and courteous. I really appreciated it when your final invoice hadn't increased by 50%, which seems to be the usual custom in Ottawa. I'm also impressed you actually asked us for feedback, as it shows a true commitment to your customer base. These things go a long way, and we'd highly recommend you to any future clientele.” Kind Regards,
    C. W. Ottawa
  • V. D. Ottawa
    “The light fixture and garage look great. I found you upfront, flexible in finding solutions, and a pleasure to deal with. You obviously care about your clients and are proud of the product you produce. I also found your crew to be pleasant, helpful, and hard working. Overall, I was very happy with the experience – from our first meeting – to watching your OGM trailer pull away. Thank you again.”
    V. D. Ottawa
  • J & M Ottawa
    “Andy, Thanks to you and your team. We're extremely pleased with our new garage floor. You did a terrific job and put a lot of hard work and time into the task. The colours selected coordinate nicely with our home.” Sincerely,
    J & M Ottawa
  • A. V. Ottawa
    “Ottawa Garage Makeovers did a great job creating a new garage floor for our residence. The team was professional, courteous, and very efficient. Timelines were respected, and the work was of high quality, meeting our expectations. I would and will recommend this company.”
    A. V. Ottawa
  • W. P. Ottawa
    “We’re delighted with the work you and your crew did for us. You transformed our garage from a place to be avoided to one that'll work well for us in the years ahead. Your crew was professional, prompt, and very courteous. Your personal assistance in finishing the work was much appreciated, and we’re very pleased with the result. We’d recommend Ottawa Garage Makeovers without hesitation.”
    W. P. Ottawa